This blog originates on the banks of the Atchafalaya River, in Louisiana. It proposes to share the things that happen on and by the river as the seasons progress. As the river changes from quiet, warm, slow flow to rises of eighteen feet or more, there are changes in the lives of the birds, fish, amphibians and reptiles that use the river. And the mood of the river changes with the seasons. I propose to note and comment on these things.

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I transitioned a few years ago from a career as a water-pollution control biologist. I want to do this blog to stay in touch with a world outside my everyday surroundings, whatever they may be. I like open-minded company and the discussion of ideas. Photo by Brad Moon.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Good Life

How about that? A couple fishing rods, a little birdwatching and a good cup of coffee. Not a bad way to spend part of a day, I guess.

I was watching some cardinals late this afternoon. They seem to do the same thing in the late afternoon every day. Between sunset and darkness, they congregate at the very tops of the tallest willow trees along our bank and just kind of sit there for several minutes. One by one or a few at a time they take off and fly across the river and disappear into the trees over there. I assume they are roosting in the dense woods. Yesterday about 28 of them did that.

Heard the first chorus frogs of the season last night. Still not enough rain to put water in the ditches though.

The river is at 3.3 feet and rising slowly, but there still isn’t anything up north that would give us a healthy rise any time soon. Curiously, last year about this time we had more than 19 feet. This sort of explains why you can’t describe a “normal” year for water, it just varies too much. About all we can expect is higher water in the spring than in the fall, but how much?

Rise and shine, Jim


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